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How to Decorate with the 2023 Color of the Year

Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, is a vibrant and lively color. This rich shade is a hue in the red family and offers a fuchsia-pink edge. Pantone says this color “promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration,” which makes it perfect for brightening your home. This year, decorate with Viva Magenta and embrace a year of happy celebrations, entertaining and family time. Here are some exciting ways to decorate with the 2023 Color of the Year.

Go Bold

With rich hues at the forefront of decor trends, there’s no doubt your home would be stylish by taking the bold approach. Red walls are making a comeback, but with a twist. Hues in the red family should be embraced, but don’t put a solid red on the walls without risking a dated look. A color in the red family with an orange shade or a vibrant pink–such as Viva Magenta–is the perfect way to get a bright and bold shade on your wall.

Brighten and Organize

The key to maximalist color pallets is to make sure that your room looks vibrant and full without looking cluttered. Keep your look intentional by embracing organization in your home. Baskets, storage bins and wooden containers can keep any home organized–minimalist and maximalist home’s alike. Find Viva Magenta bins and baskets and pair them with other bold colors and fabrics to ensure a stylish and maximalist pop of color.

Go Green

Incorporate a splash of color by adding greenery to your home. Choose vibrant foliage like fuchsias or dianthus to naturally incorporate this beautiful hue inside and outside of your home. Since Viva Magenta is such a positive and optimistic color, there’s no doubt that an outdoor space decorated with buds in these hues would make the most of your outdoor entertaining spaces.

Wall Art

Whether you choose an abstract modern option or opt for a more classical landscape, there are plenty of art options that will utilize Viva Magenta’s vibrant and bold color saturation. Choose a botanical painting or make your own art with lines of your favorite rich colors throughout. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to find an excellent focal point for your room.

Decorating with the Color of the Year is an excellent way to bring life and excitement to your design while making sure your choices stay on-trend and in-style. With such a bold and exciting color this year, there’s no doubt now is the time to make those fun changes you’ve always wanted to make in your decor.

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