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Top Home Design and Color Trends for 2023

The pandemic years have had most of us spending more time at home, seeking more space, multi-functional space, warm, neutral colors and comfort–and it may come as no surprise that much remains the same as we go through 2023.

Open floor pla...

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Preparing Your Home for Professional Photography

When you have your house photographed for a real estate listing both the exterior and interior of the home, including all major rooms, will be photographed. Homeowners and agents can help make the photography process go smoothly and make the ho...

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How to Get the Most From Your Home Appraisal

Whether you’re looking to sell or you are looking to refinance, getting ready for a home appraisal can be daunting if you have not been through the process before. Knowing what to expect and putting in a bit of elbow grease can help you get t...

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Tips on Buying an Out-of-State Home

Buying an out-of-state home is a standard process; however, it is slightly more complicated, as you need to handle many details from afar. Conducting thorough research on the local market and real estate agents is the best place to start, so yo...

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Ways to Improve Your Yard Without Planting

Whether you’re selling your home or you are just hoping to make it a better place to live day-to-day, improving your yard is key. While choosing new foliage options is an obvious way to upgrade, if you want your yard to truly look its best, o...

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